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Research and Technology Development

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

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No block or formula grants. Only project grants resulting from scientific proposals. Basic research, applied research and technology development in areas of science and technology which may have military or dual-use application. Projects are expected to advance the state of the art or result in fundamental change in technology. Support for scientific symposia, conferences in relevant technology areas, and consortia which deals with relevant technologies. Programs to encourage careers in science, technology and engineering, and to increase the number of graduates from underrepresented minority groups. Programs assisting laboratory research instrumentation at universities. Programs intended to produce fundamentally different approaches to relevant technologies or establish fundamentally new relationships among the parties engaged in technology development. Potential recipients should note that by DARPA these funds are awarded on project-by-project basis and are not block grants. The research focus areas are defined in the advertisement of potential research needs (See references to Broad Agency Announcements in Application and Award Process).